How Can I use AEGiS Web Service Using VS.NET?

Here is an exmaple on how to consume AEGiS XML Web Service (XMLWS) using ASP.NET\C#.

1:Right Click on your project and click on [ADD Web reference]:

2:Insert AEGiS (XMLWS) [] in the URL field then Click [GO]:

3:Once you see the (XMLWS) available methods, click on [Add Reference] :

4:Now you should be able to see the (XMLWS) DISCO and WSDL resource files under your APP_WebReferences folder:

5:Make sure that you're using the necessary Namespaces [Data, sqlClient and org.aegis.www] :

6:Now as you can see, you are ready to declare a function such as [AEGiS_CDC_DAILY_UPDATE] which returns a (dataTable):

7:You can get the returned data using a DataSet too:

8:Here is a nother example on how to pass a Section ID to get a specific Article:

Once the data is returned, you are ready to use it as a dataSource to a data Control (dataGrid) for example or just loop through it suing for statement.