List of The International AIDS Society-IAS Conferences:

The International AIDS Society (IAS) was founded as a non-profit oganisation in connection with the IV International AIDS Conference in Stockholm, 1988, primarily to decide on future venues of the series of International AIDS Conferences and to serve as a network for those working with HIV/AIDS. During the Yokohama Conference in 1994 the IAS was restructured and established a Permanent Secretariat with an appointed Secretary General enabling the IAS to take on responsibility regarding programme and finances of the International AIDS Conferences. Since then IAS has grown and today comprises more than 10,000 members, both individual members (approx. 6,000) and an increasing number of affiliated national IDS societies. The IAS individual members consisting of mainly scientists and health care professionals, originate from more than 132 countries.
The IAS contributes to the control and management of HIV infection and AIDS through advocacy, education, facilitation of networks and scientific debate. IAS support ctices in research, prevention and care, as well as serving as an international forum for scientific interest groups and caucuses on HIV and AIDS.

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