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Detection of the human herpesvirus 8-encoded cyclin protein in primary effusion lymphoma-derived cell lines.


Virology. 2000 Jul 5;272(2):257-66. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

The human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8/KSHV), along with certain other herpesviruses, encodes a gene with cyclin homology. Although the functional significance of the encoded cyclin is not clear at present, various lines of evidence propose a role for this cyclin in latently infected cells and possibly in the induction of tumors that arise in HHV8-infected individuals. We provide evidence here that the cyclin protein is expressed in HHV8 positive primary effusion lymphoma (PEL)-derived cell lines and that its level of expression varies greatly between different lines. Our analysis indicates that the level of cyclin protein expression in different PEL cell lines may correlate with the level of transcript expression during latency but not in cells induced to undergo lytic replication. In highly expressing BC-3 cells the cyclin is complexed with cdk6, cdk4, cdk2, and cdk5 under both latent and lytic conditions, although subtle changes in the level of cdk association are seen after induction of the lytic cycle. Altogether our findings support the notion that the cyclin is a latency-associated gene product expressed in PEL tumor cells. They furthermore indicate that after lytic cycle induction, the level of cyclin transcript expression may not be a reliable indicator for the level of cyclin protein expression. Copyright 2000 Academic Press.

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