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[Tuberculosis and HIV infection in a general hospital in Brazzaville]


Rev Mal Respir. 1989;6(2):155-9. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

To understand the change in disease encountered since the appearance of the epidemic of AIDS, two enquiries have been carried out in the only service for pulmonary tuberculosis in Brazzaville which previously had exclusively treated cases of tuberculosis. The first enquiry showed that amongst 104 patients hospitalised over a 15 month period for respiratory disease and having the clinical criteria for AIDS ultimately confirmed by positive serology for HIV, 46 (44%) were suffering from tuberculosis, 47 (45%) from acute respiratory infections which diminished with simple antibiotic treatment and 11 (11%) with pulmonary disorders whose aetiology could not be exactly specified. The latter 11 patients died from disorders suggestive of opportunistic disease. A second enquiry has been carried out on a sample 86 patients selected at random amongst hospitalised patients. It showed that amongst 48 tuberculous patients 7 were seropositive for HIV and that amongst 38 patients suffering from pulmonary disease 14 were seropositive (36.8%).

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/COMPLICATIONS/DIAGNOSIS/ *EPIDEMIOLOGY Adolescence Adult Comparative Study Congo English Abstract Human HIV Seropositivity/COMPLICATIONS/DIAGNOSIS/EPIDEMIOLOGY Tuberculosis, Pulmonary/COMPLICATIONS/*EPIDEMIOLOGY JOURNAL ARTICLE


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