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FXB and Partners In Health (PIH) Announce Expansion of


UNITED NATIONS, June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- For more than a decade, the Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) has been expanding access to high-quality HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment in HIV-affected populations worldwide, including Africa.

Now, with Partners In Health, FXB has developed novel HIV/AIDS treatment strategies designed for the most destitute, and now announces expansion of efforts in central Haiti, Jodhpur (Urban) and Sumerpur (Rural) in Rajasthan State of India, Uganda and Rwanda.

Given lack of infrastructure and concern about mismanagement of antiretroviral drugs, the FXB-PIH team has developed "DOT-HAART," which involves direct supervision of combination antiretroviral therapy. Supervision is provided by community health workers, PLWHA (peer supervisors) and/or family members themselves overseen by local teams of physicians, nurses, social workers, nutritionist and counselors, in order to gain the maximum adherence and minimize the risk of resistance to Antiretrovirals.

In the rural settings of Uganda, India, and Haiti, the FXB-PIH team has developed algorithms for the care and treatment of patients most likely to benefit from antiretroviral therapy. Treatment of other sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis and other opportunistic infections, highly prevalent in these resource-limited settings, are also targeted by this initiative.

This integrated care and treatment approach is closely linked to ongoing efforts and/or programs aimed at fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic: in the areas of social support in the form of Income Generating Activities (IGA), awareness and education, counseling and testing and other ongoing prevention and control strategies.

By demonstrating the feasibility of this model, FXB and PIH anticipate that access to HAART by the most social and economical disadvantaged populations of the world could become a reality if governments and international organizations unite forces for scaling up this initiative worldwide.

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