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Evaluation of HIV antibody tests in Brazil.


Int Conf AIDS. 1989 Jun 4-9;5:1012 (abstract no. W.G.P.15). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To compare the sensitivity, specificity and ease of performance of different serologic tests for HIV in panels of sera from Brazilians. METHODS: Brazilian serum panels (2 panels containing around 300 sera, half of each being HIV positive sera) were tested with the following kits: enzyme immunoassay (EIA): Abbott, Roche, Hoechst, Virgo, Organon and Salck; Virgo indirect immunofluorescence (IIF); Salck Passive Hemagglutination (PH); Embrabio dot blot (DB) and Karpas cell test (CT). The parameters evaluated were the sensitivity, specificity, time consumed, equipment necessary and serum dilutions. RESULTS: greater than or equal to 98% sensitivity: Abbott, Roche, Hoechst, Virgo EIA, Organon, Salck EIA, Virgo IIF and Embrabio DB; greater than or equal to 95% specificity: Abbott, Hoechst, Virgo EIA, Organon, Salck EIA, Virgo IIF and Embrabio DB; less than 150 minutes consumed: Abbott, Virgo EIA, Organon, Hoechst, Virgo EIA, Salck PH and Karpas CT; 2 equipment: Salck PH, Karpas CT and Embrabio CT; undiluted serum: Hoechst. CONCLUSIONS: Although several kits presented the sensitivity and specificity required by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, we think that to obtain a more accurate screening of blood it is necessary to perform lot-to-lot and proficiency evaluations. Evaluation of kits using panels constituted by endemic disease sera (Chagas' disease, schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis and malaria) are underway.

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