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Role of the university: education, research, policy and service.


Int Conf AIDS. 1989 Jun 4-9;5:856 (abstract no. T.E.P.56). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To describe a role for an urban university in AIDS education, research, policy and service. METHODS: The University of Illinois at Chicago appointed an AIDS Advisory Council in 1987 with the charge: encourage AIDS-related instruction and prevention programs; promote research; advise on policy; and develop community outreach. Faculty, students, employees and administrative members developed an organizational plan, identified priorities and carried out the charge through several working groups. RESULTS: Education - highest priority; distribution of printed AIDS awareness materials; peer education programs for students. Research - information and interest sharing; quarterly research forums combine biologic and social scientists; newsletter listing all AIDS grant programs. Policy - campus level policy; addressing nondiscrimination, no mandatory testing, educational programs, and currency with legislation and scientific guidelines. Service - community outreach and empowerment; forum on AIDS awareness and resources for community groups in the neighboring area. CONCLUSION: A university has many technical, leadership and service resources to utilize in developing an institutional response to the AIDS epidemic. These resources may be productively shared with the community.

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