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Survey of the methadone treatment programme of the outpatient clinic of the Vienna psychiatric university hospital.


Int Conf AIDS. 1989 Jun 4-9;5:770 (abstract no. Th.D.P.71). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To present a survey of the structure and status of the patients in the programme mentioned above. METHODS: The outpatient clinic mentioned above has been carrying out a methadone detox and maintenance programme since October 1987 and has by now the largest number of patients in Austria. The data presented are results taken from routine documentation. RESULTS: The following data (average values) concerning the 99 men and 37 women treated were obtained: age at the start of the methadone treatment: 29 years; age at first contact with drugs: 15 years; length of opiate dependency: 12 years; in methadone treatment: 8 months; first methadone dose: 65,25 milligrams; present-day dose: 77,77 milligrams; HIV positive: 44% (75% men, 25% women); polytoxicomanic addiction of the HIV positive patients at the time of methadone adjustment: 50% (73,3% men, 26,7% women); working at the start of methadone treatment: 21,3%; working since methadone substitution: 30,9%; previous convictions (drug abuse offenses): 64,7% (79,5% men, 20,5% women); initial drug: 69,8% hashish, 19,8% opiates, 5,9% medicants, 0,7% solvents, 3,8% unknown; couples in treatment: 13,2% (both are HIV infected: 33,3%, one partner is HIV infected: 22,2%, both partners are negative: 44,5%). CONCLUSION: The programme promotes social and occupational reintegration.

Adult Age Factors Ambulatory Care Facilities Austria Crime Employment Female Health Promotion Health Surveys Hospitals, Psychiatric Hospitals, University Human Male Methadone/*THERAPEUTIC USE Substance Abuse, Intravenous/*REHABILITATION ABSTRACT


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