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Sexual abuse in children and HIV infection.


Int Conf AIDS. 1989 Jun 4-9;5:711 (abstract no. M.D.P.7). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To describe socio-psychological characteristics in HIV seropositive adolescents. METHODOLOGY: A socio-psychological and epidemiological analysis of twelve male sexually infected adolescents under 18 attending the HIV detection center in Mexico City. Risk factors, sexual behavior, medical and psychological histories were investigated. RESULTS: Three groups were identified: 1) Homeless children. 119 minors were studied and 5 children were found infected. This population includes abandoned children and orphans, presenting problems such as: family disintegration, pharmacodependency, sexual abuse and occasional male prostitution. Their age ranged from 13 to 18, second grade elementary level, and all dedicated to eventual activities and occasionally to male prostitution, characterized by a bisexual behavior with homosexual practice among themselves, and no condom use, having an average of 22 sexual partners. 2) Adolescents prostitutes. 2 HIV positive cases were found: 15 and 18 years of age with elementary level, bisexuals, male prostitutes with anal receptive practice without condom use, referred from 2 to 4 sexual contacts daily. 3) Teenagers living with parents. This group is integrated by 5 individuals of 16-18 years of age, all students, with integrated family, homosexuals with anal coitus practice mostly without condom, having an average of 7 partners in their whole life. These adolescents referred sexual abuse at 12-14 years of age. CONCLUSIONS: Our country registers 5 AIDS cases and 10 HIV infected in sexually abused minors. Although this kind of transmission in children is being reported in other countries, in Mexico we lack information because this situation is usually kept as a secret by the adolescents and their families.

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