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The constitutional court has spoken: Nevirapine to the people!


The United Democratic Movement (UDM) welcomes the Constitutional Court's refusal to give government leave to appeal against a Pretoria High Court execution order demanding that it provide the anti-retroviral drug nevirapine in state hospitals with the capacity to do so between now and the outcome of a further court hearing in May.

The UDM sincerely hopes that this decision by the Constitutional Court will be the final wake-up call for the ANC government and that the Minister of Health and her legal advisors will discontinue their legal action ,which only seems to be an a face saving effort by the ANC.

All South Africa's courts have now, in no uncertain terms, told our mulish government what it and its Ministers should be doing.

Adhering to the rule of law is an essential aspect of good governance (Government can hardly criticise governments of other nations, whilst it makes itself guilty of not listening to our own courts). Our Government must abide by the law!

The UDM expects that hundreds and thousands of loyal South Africans, especially those innocent babies, will greatly benefit from the use of antiretroviral drugs and we expect that our Government will now realise its responsibility to provide this care. UDM National Office - Pretoria

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