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Prevention of HIV infection in Greek registered prostitutes. A five year study.


Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23;6(3):120 (abstract no. S.C.100). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To control the spread of HIV infection among prostitutes in Athens we implemented an educational campaign. The results of a five year prospective study are presented. METHODS: Registered prostitutes in greater Athens area (about 350) are obliged to report every week for health inspection at a special STD clinic of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In 1985 the Ministry of Health decided to screen all of them for anti-HIV as a prerequisite for licencing, since 3.4% of them were found seropositive. Since then, all registered prostitutes are interviewed, counselled, clinically examined and screened every three months. Educational material is distributed and adequate information and education regarding prevention of STD is delivered at personal level. Commercially available reagents are used for Elisa and W.blot anti-HIV testing. RESULTS: Table 1 shows changes in condom use and STD incidence. TABULAR DATA, SEE ABSTRACT VOLUME. CONCLUSIONS: 1. The educational campaign was effective in increasing the condom use. 2. As a result the incidence of gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV declined considerably. 3. The occurrence of new infections stresses the need for strengthening the prevention campaign.

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