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Protection against HIV-2 in vaccinated cynomolgus monkeys.


Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23;6(3):115 (abstract no. S.A.78). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To study protective immunity to HIV-2 in an animal model. METHODS: 4 cynomolgus monkeys were immunized with killed HIV-2 (SBL-6669), 2 of them with 5 injections of 100 or 300 mug viral protein in Freunds incomplete adjuvans (FA) and the other 2 animals with 4 injections of 25 or 50 mug viral protein in iscoms. Challenge with 100 animal infectious doses of live HIV-2(SBL-6669) was done 2 weeks after the last booster. 4 control animals received the same dose of live virus. Virus isolations, determination of viral antigen by ELISA and of antibodies by ELISA, Western blot and radioimmunoprecipitation were done. RESULTS: All 4 immunized monkeys developed good antibody responses to HIV-2 envelope and core antigens. The 2 monkeys immunized with virus in FA showed no evidence of infection after challenge with live virus (no virus recovery and no viral antigen). In contrast virus was recovered repeatedly during the first month after challenge in all 4 non-immunized animals and once in the 2 animals immunized with iscoms. Viral antigen was demonstrated in blood of 3 of 4 challenged control animals. CONCLUSION: The demonstration of vaccine induced protection against HIV-2 infection in monkeys provide hope for vaccination against HIV also in man.

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