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Rapid decline of naturally acquired antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen (AntiHBs) and HBV reactivation in AbHIV+ I.V. drug users (IVDUs).


Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23;6(2):213 (abstract no. F.B.540). Unique

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the behaviour of antiHBs titre in HIV+IVDUs. METHODS: We studied for 4 yrs. the antiHBs titre of 134 HIV+IVDUs. We compared the antiHBs titres' changes of 30 HIV+IVDUs (none of them ARC or AIDS; antiHBs greater than 10 less than 500 IU/1; CD4+ greater than 400/ml) with those of 31 HIV-IVDUs similar in ages, duration of intravenous drug use, antiHBs levels. RESULTS: TABULAR DATA, SEE ABSTRACT VOLUME. 65 HIV+IVDUs (48.5%), where initial antiHBs mean titre was 105+96 IU/1, at the end had an antiHBs titre less than 10 IU/1. In 4 (3 AIDS, 1 ARC) HBsAg reappeared (in 2 we found also HBeAg and HBV DNA; none showed signs of acute hepatitis). CONCLUSIONS: The decline of antiHBs titre in HIV+IVDUs, even in the early stages of HIV infection, is faster than in HIV-IVDUs. By contrast, only a deep immunodeficiency elicited the HBsAg reappearance.

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