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Risky healing practices in Botswana independent churches.


Int Conf AIDS. 1992 Jul 19-24;8(2):C381 (abstract no. PoC 4829). Unique

ISSUE/PROBLEM: About half of the churches in Botswana are so called independent. Their services contain both Christian and traditional African elements with a strong emphasis on healing practices. Some of these practices could enhance the spread of HIV. DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: During 1990 and 1991, the Aids Project Coordinator of the AMMB (Association of Medical Missions for Botswana) ran Aids awareness workshops for churches throughout Botswana. During these workshops he received abundant information about healing practices by independent churches. RESULTS: Quite a number of risky practices were found to be more or less common like e.g. the use of poking instruments; the use of enemas and double enemas (both in vagina and rectum); bathing ceremonies with sexual contact. LESSONS LEARNED: The information obtained is valuable and should be considered by Government and NGO Aids programmes in Botswana and possibly elsewhere in Africa. It is not an issue as to whether these practices are right or wrong. Risk reduction during these practices through health education should receive main emphasis.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/PREVENTION & CONTROL/ *TRANSMISSION Botswana *Developing Countries Human HIV Infections/PREVENTION & CONTROL/*TRANSMISSION *Medicine, Traditional *Mental Healing *Religion and Medicine Risk Factors ABSTRACT


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