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The Italian law on the prevention of HIV infection. An analysis of the public's degree of acquaintance and evaluation.


Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(2):916 (abstract no. PO-D27-4193). Unique

ISSUE/PROBLEM: In 1990 a specific Act on AIDS has been enforced in Italy. The research aims to assess the degree of knowledge and evaluation of this Italian Law on the prevention of HIV, two years after its enforcement. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: 1) The staff prepares an interview schedule choosing the most relevant questions for public opinion (test, assistance, prevention): 2) a statistical sample was chosen according to two criteria: a) to select a consistent number of hospitals (Milan, H San Raffaele; Pavia, Policlinico San Mattco; Roma, Policlinico A. Gemelli) which could represent the patients variance; b) to select persons attending AIDS Departments or day Hospitals in a span of six months. The staff has restricted the analysis in these terms, since it is sufficient to reproduce the real situation. 3) some members of the staff have personally administered the interview schedules. RESULTS: At present (January 1993) 450 interview schedules has been administered in the hospitals of Milan, Rome, Pavia. The statistical elaboration is ongoing. Data will be presented.

*Communicable Disease Control/LEGISLATION & JURISPRUD *Cross-Cultural Comparison *HIV Infections/PREVENTION & CONTROL


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