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Gingivitis and presence of blood in saliva of HIV infected patients.


Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):438 (abstract no. PO-B18-1815). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the relation between gingival inflammation and the presence of hemoglobin (Hb) in saliva of HIV infected patients. METHODS: 127 HIV infected patients (100 IVDA, 8 homo-bisexuals men, 19 heterosexual contacts), from which 30 with symptomatic HIV disease and 97 with asymptomatic HIV infection, and 120 normal healthy subjects were studied. To assess the gingival inflammation we used the Gingival Index (GI) of Loe and Silness, according to which the degree of inflammation on each tooth surface is expressed by 4 degrees of severity. The mean of the recordings from the four tooth surfaces (mesial, distal, buccal and lingual) gives the GI of each tooth and the mean of the GI determined for all teeth gives the GI of each patient. Determination of Hb in saliva was carried out using a modification of a method described for plasma and urine and adapted by us for saliva. RESULTS: The GI resulted significantly higher in anti-HIV+IVDA (GI = 1.31) wiht respect to healthy subjects (GI = 0.96) (P < .01), to anti-HIV+ homo-bisexuals men GI = 0.92) (P < .05) and to anti-HIV+ heterosexuals contacts (GI = 0.98) (P < .05). The GI was 1.25 in symptomatic and 1.12 in asymptomatic patients (P = NS). Hb was detected in 78/127 (61.4%) anti-HIV+ subjects and in 56/120 (46.7%) healthy subjects (P < 01). Hb concentration in saliva was significantly higher in anti-HIV+IVDA than other groups. Moreover, concentration of Hb in saliva was significantly higher in patients with GI > 1.5 than in patients with GI < 1.5 (P < 0.05).

*Gingivitis/BLOOD *Gingivitis/COMPLICATIONS *Hemoglobins/METABOLISM *HIV Infections/BLOOD *HIV Infections/COMPLICATIONS *Saliva/METABOLISM


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