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Invasive aspergillosis (IA) in AIDS. Health Research Network.


Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):371 (abstract no. PO-B09-1417). Unique

We retrospectively reviewed 18 patients (pt) with IA complicating AIDS. 17 were male, 11 homosexual, 1 IDU and the remainder had miscellaneous or unknown HIV risk. 13 were caucasian, 3 black and 2 hispanic. The mean age was 43.6 years. IA was the AIDS-defining illness in 2. Additional Ols and malignancies, either at AIDS diagnosis (dx) or later, included PCP (10), CMV (9), MAC (7), KS 3), HIV encephalopathy (3), toxoplasmosis (2), candida esophagitis (2), cryptococcal meningitis (2), lymphoma (2), BEA 1), cryptosporidiosis (1) and nocardiosis (1). The dx of IA was made by culture in 17 and by histologic exam in 11. All 5 isolates speciated were A. fumigatus. 1 infection was a pre-patellar panniculitis and 1 a temporal lobe abscess. The remaining 16 were intrathoracic, including 1 tracheitis, 1 pleural mass (together with nocardia) and 14 pulmonary (1 with cavitation). CD4 count within 3 months of IA was available in only 5 pts: There were 3, 4, 64, 80, and 184/mm3. The mean hemoglobin and WBC at time of IA diagnosis were, respectively, 9.5 g/dl and 5140/mm3 (range 1300-21800). Three patients were receiving prednisone, 5 antibacterial agents and 2 fluconazole at the time of dx of IA. The mean time from AIDS dx to IA was 12.5 months. Two patients are alive and without evidence if IA, 9 died of IA and IA contributed to death in an additional 4. The outcome in the remaining 3 is unknown. The dx was first made post-mortem in 1. The time from dx of IA to death was 0-518 days (mean 154 days).

*Aspergillosis/DIAGNOSIS *AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections/DIAGNOSIS


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