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Tuberculosis (TB) in patients with HIV infection who receive corticosteroids for presumed Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia PCP).


Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):325 (abstract no. PO-B07-1137). Unique

Adjunctive corticosteroids are recommended for HIV-infected patients with moderate to severe PCP. To determine if steroids exacerbate undiagnosed TB, we reviewed medical records of 135 consecutive hospitalized patients treated for presumed PCP. 80 patients (Group A) were treated with steroids and 55 patients Group B) were not. Groups A and B were similar in ethnicity, HIV risk factors, and median CD4 cell count (38 vs 45). Culture-proven TB was documented in 8 (10%) of Group A patients and 5 (9%) of Group B patients during their hospitalization for presumed PCP. Among the 8 TB patients in Group A, anti-TB medications were started immediately in the 6 patients with +AFB smears and delayed for 3 and 6 weeks until culture results were obtained in 2 patients. No patients died from TB. We conclude that exacerbation of undiagnosed TB is not common in patients who receive steroids for PCP.

*Adrenal Cortex Hormones/ADVERSE EFFECTS *AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections/DRUG THERAPY *HIV Infections/COMPLICATIONS *Pneumonia, Pneumocystis carinii/DRUG THERAPY *Tuberculosis/COMPLICATIONS


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