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The role of women in the AIDS epidemic.


Med Law. 1993;12(6-8):467-9. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE MED/94239181

Two aspects of the role of women in the AIDS epidemic are discussed. Firstly, the role of women in the epidemic and secondly how does HIV/AIDS affect women. Currently it is estimated that over four million women are infected with HIV and more attention is increasingly being paid to this group. Women have been functionally socialized in a dual role, namely that of care giver and service provider. The generally low status of women in the developing world needs to be corrected by empowering women to deal with the epidemic through education and equal social and sexual status to men. Epidemiological data concerning women and HIV/AIDS are presented and the possible effect of HIV/AIDS on women is discussed. Candidiasis, pelvic inflammatory diseases and cervical neoplastic lesions require further attention. Finally, a number of recommendations, including human rights, are presented to enable women worldwide successfully to cope with the HIV epidemic.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*EPIDEMIOLOGY/*PREVENTION & CONTROL Adaptation, Psychological Caregivers *Developing Countries Educational Status Female *Gender Identity Human Power (Psychology) Sex Factors *Women's Health *Women's Rights JOURNAL ARTICLE


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