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[Immunocytophotometric and cytogenetic analyses of T-lymphoblastoid cell lines in experimental HIV Infection]


Vopr Virusol. 1994 Mar-Apr;39(2):77-80. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

The accumulation of viral proteins p24 and gp41 in MT-4 cells was shown to occur asynchronously. No increase in the number of polydiploid cells, no polyploid mitoses or chromosome defects were found indicating the antiproliferative effect of HIV on MT-4 cells. A cyclic pattern of the infection course was observed in infected Jurkat-tat cells. The accumulation of viral proteins was concerted, their maximum amounts preceding the cell death. HIV-1 did not inhibit cell division and caused strong disorders in the chromosome structure.

Acute Disease Cell Line Cells, Cultured/METABOLISM/MICROBIOLOGY *Chromosome Aberrations Comparative Study Cytopathogenic Effect, Viral Cytophotometry English Abstract Human HIV Core Protein p24/METABOLISM HIV Envelope Protein gp41/METABOLISM HIV Infections/GENETICS/METABOLISM/*MICROBIOLOGY HIV-1/*PATHOGENICITY Immunohistochemistry Polyploidy T-Lymphocytes/METABOLISM/*MICROBIOLOGY Time Factors JOURNAL ARTICLE


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