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Outcome of HIV-infected patients after their CD4 is lower than 50/mm3.


Int Conf AIDS. 1994 Aug 7-12;10(2):142 (abstract no. PB0582). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To assess the characteristics, clinical course and outcome for HIV-infected patients who developed a severe depletion of CD4 lymphocytes (CD4 < 50/mm3). METHODS: We evaluated retrospectively 96 patients in whom 2 consecutive CD4 counts (within 3 months) were firstly < 50/mm3 (time 0 = T0). The medical charts review covered demography, risk factors, HIV-related events before and after T0, treatments, CD4 and CD8 counts. Survival was analysed by the Kaplan-Meier methods and the logrank test was used for comparisons. We report the preliminary results of 63 patients whose T0 was determined between 01/03/89 and 01/03/93. RESULTS: The proportion of males was 94% and 71% of patients were homo/bisexual. The mean age was 37.5 years. The mean of the CD4 count was 23/mm3 at T0. For 43 patients (68%) AIDS was diagnosed before T0, 14 after T0, 4 at the same time. At time of analysis, 46 (73%) were not alive. The incidence cases of common AIDS-related events before and after T0 was 38% and 36.5% for PCP, 30% and 12.5% for Kaposi sarcoma, 12.5% and 33.5% for candida esophagitis, 3% and 22% for CMV infections and 1.5% and 16% for mycobacterial infections (MAI) respectively (X2 test, 4 df, p < 0.0001). The median of survival after T0 was 14.2 months (M). Survival was shorter for patients with CD4 count < 25/mm3 (median 11.3 M) than > 25/mm3 (median 18.5 M, p = 0.04). There was no difference of survival between patients diagnosed with AIDS before T0 (median 12 M) and after T0 (median 15.5 M, p = 0.59). Anti-HIV therapy was prescribed in 51 patients (81%). Nine patients (14%) were alived more than 24 M after T0 (median 33.6 M) with AIDS median survival of 38 M. CONCLUSIONS: MAI and CMV infection increase by 10.5 and 7 fold respectively after CD4 < 50/mm3. The survival time after the occurence of CD4 < 50/mm3 is longer than 12 M. The survival is better for patients with a first count of CD4 > 25/mm3, at T0.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/IMMUNOLOGY/*MORTALITY/THERAPY Adult CD4-CD8 Ratio *CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes Female Human *Leukocyte Count Male Retrospective Studies Survival Rate ABSTRACT


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