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Additional anti-HIV activity of antisense with interferons.


Int Conf AIDS. 1994 Aug 7-12;10(2):113 (abstract no. PA0331). Unique

OBJECTIVES: Antisense phosphorothioate oligodeoxynucleotide against rev (S-anti-rev) has been shown to inhibit HIV expression. Interferons (INFs) (alpha, beta, gamma) are also known to regulate HIV expression through many mecha-nisms including interaction with RRE (rev responsive element). METHODS: Chronically HIV-infected T-cell line, H9 cells (H9/HIV), and promonocyte cell line, U1 cells, were cultured for 5 days in 96-well culture plate with or without the compounds. Culture supernatants were collected and tested for p24 gag by ELISA. RESULTS: In H9/HIV, S-anti-rev and INFs exhibited significant anti-HIV activity and the combination of S-anti-rev and INFs resulted in additional anti-HIV activity without addition of their toxicity. In U1 cells, interferon gamma augmented the viral production, which could be inhibited by S-anti-rev. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: The combination of S-anti-rev and INFs could be a potent remedy for AIDS and related disorders.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/THERAPY Antiviral Agents/*TOXICITY/THERAPEUTIC USE Cell Line Drug Synergism Gene Products, gag/ANALYSIS/BIOSYNTHESIS *Genes, rev Human HIV/*DRUG EFFECTS/GENETICS/METABOLISM HIV Core Protein p24/ANALYSIS/BIOSYNTHESIS Interferons/*TOXICITY/THERAPEUTIC USE Oligonucleotides, Antisense/*TOXICITY/THERAPEUTIC USE T-Lymphocytes Thiophosphoric Acid Esters ABSTRACT


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