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Human rights of HIV infected persons/PWAs in Egypt.


Int Conf AIDS. 1994 Aug 7-12;10(1):418 (abstract no. PD0279). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate Human Rights of HIV infeeted persons/PWAs in Egypt METHODS: The Arab International Center For Fighting Against AIDS has carried out an interview on 78 HIV infected persons/PWAs in Egypt on matters pertaining to the society, marriage, assurance of employment, medical treatment and care. etc., Statistical data on human rights were established. RESULTS: The following results were found: 46 persons did not tell any body about their problem. 27 persons attempted suicide. 14 persons told only their wives, 9 of them abstained from sexual intercourse. 3 of them used condoms with sex. 4 were obligated to divorce their wives. 6 were expelled from employment. All persons complained of unsatisfactory care while in hospitals or at home. DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS: HIV infected persons & PWAs in Egypt are deprived of all human rights, e.g. It is essential to improve the picture of these persons in the society, and to correct the wrong belief that HIV is contracted only through homosexual relations. This will help the society to have a good idea about the correct number of infected persons by encouraging them to inform the authorities about their problem, and undergoing HIV tests and not to go underground.

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