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Effects of cardiopulmonary bypass on lymphocytes and their subset counts with or without use of autotransfusion devices.


J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. 1994 Oct;8(5):532-5. Unique Identifier :

Lymphocytes and their subset counts were determined in 30 cardiac surgery patients during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) with or without use of an autotransfusion device. In the autotransfusion group, centrifuged and washed autologous red blood cells (median 400 mL [range 200-770 mL]) and in the control group corresponding amounts of homologous packed red blood cells (median 500 mL [range 250-750 mL]) were transfused after declamping the aorta. The percentages of T lymphocytes (CD3) and T cytotoxic cells (CD8) increased in both groups (CD3 up to 5%, P < 0.05 and CD8 up to 35%, P < 0.01), but the percentage of T helper cells (CD4) did not change. The ratio of CD4/CD8 cells decreased (up to 34%, P < 0.01). The percentage of naive resting T cells (CD45RA) increased slightly (up to 8%, P < 0.05) whereas the percentages of memory T cells (CD45RO), T cells with IL-2 receptor (CD25), and natural killer cells (CD16) remained unaltered. The percentage of HLA-DR positive lymphocytes increased during CPB (up to 18%, P < 0.05), but it was decreased thereafter (up to 16%, P < 0.05). The percentage of monocytes (CD14) decreased first during CPB in both groups (up to 32%, P < 0.01), but it was higher in the autotransfusion device group (decreased 29% from initial value) than in the control group (decreased 65% from initial value) at the end of CPB (P < 0.05). This study shows that extracorporeal circulation has an effect on lymphocytes and their subset counts. The changes were slightly immunosuppressive. By contrast, use of autotransfusion devices had only minor effects.

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