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Survival, relapse, and efficacy of prophylaxis (Pr) after candida esophagitis (CE) in AIDS.


Natl Conf Hum Retroviruses Relat Infect (1st). 1993 Dec 12-16;:138.

The course after AIDS-associated CE, and the efficacy of secondary prophylaxis, are undefined. Charts were reviewed of 21 patients (Pts) with a first episode of CE and close follow-up (f/u). There were 13 men/8 women, mean CD4 21 (range 3-83), who had CE diagnosed by typical signs and symptoms plus rapid response to oral azoles (Clinical cases;n=9) or confirmation by endoscopy or barium study (n=12). Clinical cases had more past thrush (p=.07) and opportunistic infections (OI)(p=.09), but were similar otherwise including risk of relapse (7/9 vs 6/12 confirmed Pts). Mean f/u was 9.0 (range 2-24) months (mos). 11 Pts were known to have died. Remaining alive correlated with CE as a presenting HIV illness (RR 3.0;95% CI 1.2-7.3;p=.02). Kaplan-Meier (K-M) survival was 75% at 7.5 mos; 50% at 10.5 mos; 25% at 14 mos. Azole (AZ) Pr (fluconazole or ketoconazole) was given to 13 pts. NON-AZ Pr included ZDV or ddI in 5 Pts, topical antifungals in 3, none in 2. 13/21 (62%) Pts had 17 relapses (3/13 first relapses confirmed). Relapse correlated with f/u time (11.6 vs 4.6 mos;p=.007), death during f/u (RR 3.0;CI 1.2-8.0;p=.008), past OI (RR 2.1;CI 1.1-4.3;p=.07), lower hemoglobin (p=.08) and NON-AZ Pr (RR 4.3;CI 0.64-28.8;p=.09). K-M relapse-free survival (RFS) on any Pr was 50% at 26 weeks (wks), 10% at 51 wks. RFS was 50% at 33 wks on AZ Pr but 14 wks on NON-AZ Pr. Trends of RFS in favor of AZ Pr were present at 10 wks (logrank p=.25) and 16 wks (p=0.1), but were lost by 37 wks. Survival rapidly declines in the 2nd 6-months after diagnosis of CE. Relapse-free survival declines steadily in the first year, associated with length of follow-up, chance of death, and past HIV complications. Oral azoles appear to prevent relapse only temporarily.

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