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The use of CD8 subset phenotypes as prognostic indicators of disease progression in patients with advanced HIV infection receiving long-term antiretroviral therapy.


Natl Conf Hum Retroviruses Relat Infect (1st). 1993 Dec 12-16;:132.

Increases in the proportion and absolute number of particular CD8 cell subset phenotypes, which express membrane activation markers such as CD38 and DR, have been correlated both with progressive clinical stages of HIV disease and with risk for progression in asymptomatic patients. To determine whether CD8 cell subsets have any prognostic value in the patient population with advanced HIV infection, 83 patients in ACTG Protocol 181 from 3 study sites were evaluated for T cell subsets and followed up to 15 months for the occurrence of AIDS-defining clinical events and survival. Patients received PCP prophylaxis and continued with long-term antiretroviral therapy (median 18 mo. prior AZT). At study entry, week 4, and subsequent 3- month intervals, blood samples were analyzed for standard CD4 and CD8 cell subsets and for the phenotypes CD8/DR+, CD8/CD38+, CD8/S6F1+, and CD3/CD16+56+. Preliminary data analysis has been performed on a subgroup of 20 patients. As expected, low CD4 cell values were correlated with increased risk for clinical progression. Additional data trends indicated that a higher rate of AIDS-defining events was associated with the initial presence of lower proportions of the CD8/DR+ and the CD8/CD38+ cell subsets, and elevated percentages of CD3/CD16+56+ cells. Data analysis on the entire study cohort is in progress and will be included for presentation.

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