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Proviral DNA from non producer interfering HIV-1-infected F12 cells abrogates HIVs susceptibility of He-La CD4+ cells.


Natl Conf Hum Retroviruses Relat Infect (1st). 1993 Dec 12-16;:125.

The Hut-78 F12 cell clone harbors a non producer HIV-1 variant and shows a complete resistance to HIV-1, HIV-2 or SIV superinfection. The replication of superinfecting HIV-2 is blocked during retrotranscription (Taddeo et al., Virology 1993). To establish if the expression of the F12- HIV variant was per sa necessary and sufficient to induce the homologous viral interference exhibited by F12 cells, the whole F12/HIV provirus was cloned and co-transfected in the He-La CD4+ cells with a plasmid carrying the Hygromycin B resistance. A number of He-La CD4+ cell clone were isolated and characterized. At variance with F12 cells, none of the clones expressing the F12/HIV genome were CD4-down- regulated as often observed in cells chronically infected with HIV; transfected clones were indistinguishably CD4+ (85-95%) as were He-La CD4+ cells. This notwithstanding, He- La CD4+ clones expressing the F12/HIV genome showed the same pattern of viral proteins as CD4- F12 cells. When they were challenged with HIV-1, replication of superinfecting HIV was either strongly inhibited or totally abolished, depending on the cell clone tested. F12 cells and a few F12/HIV-He-La CD4+ clones were transfected with the HIV infectious molecular clone pNL4-3. No release of infectious HIV was observed, indicating that the HIV life cycle is impaired in both types of cells during and following retrotranscription.

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