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An emulsion with effective virucidal activity against HIV-1 and other common viruses.


3rd Conf Retro and Opportun Infect. 1996 Jan 28-Feb 1;:118. Unique

BCT 100 0.1, an antiviral emulsion preparation, was tested for its virucidal activity against HIV-1 and other viruses. HIV-1MN was pretreated with the emulsion preparation for 30 minutes. Dilutions of this viral preparation were made and the treated virus dilutions were allowed to adsorb onto C8166 cells (HTLV-1 transformed T cell) for at least two hours. The preparation was washed off and the cells were cultured in a standard manner. Cultures were then assayed for the presence of virus by quantitative p24 determination at 7 and 14 days after inoculation. Cytotoxicity experiments were run in the same manner but without virus and assayed for cell proliferation. BCT 100 0.1 was found to have little cytotoxicity and was able to reduce the infectivity of a preparation of HIV-1MN from a TCID50 of 10(8) to a TCID50 of 0 at day 7 and a TCID50 of 10(-1.25) at day 14. Additional testing of this preparation against HSV-1, HSV-2, CMV, HHV-6 and adenovirus has also been performed. All viruses except adenovirus were inactivated by the emulsion preparation. Administration of greater than 5 g/kg daily for 14 days by gavage to rats was found to be non-toxic. An antiviral emulsion has been prepared which inactivates enveloped viruses on contact and is safe in a subacute oral rat toxicity model. It is hoped that this preparation will prove to bean effective agent for inactivation of viruses on mucosal surfaces.

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