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Home care service for AIDS patients in Turin area.


Int Conf AIDS. 1996 Jul 7-12;11(2):20 (abstract no. We.B.177). Unique

Issue: Home Care Service (H.C.S.) for AIDS patients and evaluation of its development in the future. Project: In 1992 we established a H.C.S. of AIDS patients in our hospital of I.D. in Turin. The access to this service was only for patients living at home or in community in the city limits of Turin. Patients eligibility was verified by a team composed by: I.D. specialist, senior nurse of I.D., social worker. Patients eligibility criteria were: 1) the conclamation of AIDS disease, 2) the severe improvement of illness, 3) familiar assistance during the intravenous therapy, 4) patients personal approval, 5) minimal life conditions. Results: Since January 1992 up to December 1995, 200 patients have been enrolled (175 M. 25 F.) aged betwen 21 - 69 (median age 37,7). A total 130 were followed until death. Their average stay in H.C.S. was 67,2 days (range 1=285). The most frequent diseases included: CMV (22,5%) HIV - related neurological diseases (13,5%) MAC+TBC (11, 2%) S.Kaposi (9, 8%). Lessons Learned: The Home Care Service for AIDS patients in Turin is feasible in all the clinical situations of AIDS up to death, except with emergency. Further studies will be done to better define if it's possible to improve the quality of life and survival rate of these patients.

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