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Pre-test counselling issues in an AIDS research centre in Uganda.


Int Conf AIDS. 1996 Jul 7-12;11(1):183 (abstract no. Mo.D.1750). Unique

Objectives: (i) To study issues and concerns raised by clients presenting for pre-test counselling at Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC) a Ugandan facility specialising in HIV/AIDS research. (ii) To study reasons for testing. (iii) To relate identified factors to educational, social and other demographic factors. (iv) To find out common issues which may be targeted for the public at risk in mass counselling - e.g through media or public communication. Methods: The subjects are 300 African-Ugandan clients presenting at the JCRC for HIV Pre-test counselling outside the research project. The JCRC counsellors are Social Scientists with special training in HIV Counselling. They interview and record demographic data of clients, reasons for taking tests, and other relevant information. Counselling is carried out after which a programme of subsequent visits schedule and for results and Post-test counselling is made. Results: The main reasons given for the testing in this group are: (i) Marriage 44%, (ii) To know serostatus 33% (iii) Symptoms and sickness: 19%, (iv) Doctors' suggestion: 1% (v) Others 3%. Educational level: Secondary 49%, Primary 38%, Tertiary 11, Nil 3%. Age range 18 - 45, Sex: Males 60%, Females 40%. Conclusion: i) The illiterate public is not coming forward as much as the educated and need special programme to address them. (ii) The Uganda public may need more health educations on symptomatology of HIV as it is a major concern. (iii) Continuing assessment of HIV test volunteers will continue to identify concerns of the public and suitable solutions.

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