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Population assessment on truckers on STD/HIV/AIDS.


Int Conf AIDS. 1996 Jul 7-12;11(1):181 (abstract no. Mo.D.1736). Unique

Issue: Truck Drivers and helpers have to stay away from their family for a good number of days at a stretch while taking trips to far away places. Project: To assess the KAP of the truckers a qualitative assessment was planned. The survey, held at Aricha Ferry Ghat, a transit point where the truckers from east side of the country cross the river Jamuna towards west, used focus groups, face-to-face interviews and observations for information gathering. Results: Staying away from family, passing sleepless nights behind the steering, lack of healthy recreation and proper sanitation, harassment by Police etc. are the main problems faced by the truckers in their everyday life. Due to these truckers lead an irregular and unhealthy lifestyle, their prime recreation being boozing with the peers at local wine( Bangla') shops and visiting nearby brothels. Condoms are less available to and less practised by the truckers as a whole. Excess intake of alcohol loosens the sense of safety during sex. The truckers often suffer from STDs. The truckers knowledge on HIV/AIDS is not mentionworthy. Lessons Learned: The truckers are highly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS as a result of having unsafe and uncontrolled sex. To improve the truckers' knowledge on STD/HIV/AIDS, their transmission route, dreads and means of prevention, to educate them about the affects of excessive intake of alcohol & other forms of addiction as well as about personal health and to promote the use and availability of condoms among them an intervention program is necessary for this community.

*Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/EPIDEMIOLOGY *Automobile Driving *HIV Infections/EPIDEMIOLOGY *Sex Behavior *Sexually Transmitted Diseases/EPIDEMIOLOGY


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