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Studies on knowledge and behavior to HIV/AIDS in Yokohama residents: before and after X international conference on AIDS.


Int Conf AIDS. 1996 Jul 7-12;11(1):174 (abstract no. Mo.D.1700). Unique

Objective: To find the better way we could live with HIV/AIDS in society, especially to study what kind of factors are influencing people's behavior about HIV/AIDS. Yokohama City was the site of X International Conference on AIDS. We made two Researches before and after the Conference, to find the influence of the big conference in people's behavior about HIV/AIDS. Methods: Before the Conference, an anonymous self-completed questionnaire was mailed to stratified simple random sampling of residents above fifteen years old in Yokohama City. The first research conducted in October 1993. The Conference was held at Yokohama City in August 1994. After the Conference, in February 1995, the second research was made in the same form as the first. The first, sampling of 10000 residents (response rate 35.4%). The second, 3000 residents (response rate 34.4%). The respondents of both researches were asked about sex, age, single or couple, with or no kids, occupation, knowledge, information, concern, anxiety, behavior, attitude, support, public care. And the respondents of the second research was asked about the conference.Results and Discussions: In both researches, a considerable amount of residents had a high level of correct knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The conference made residents take a lot of interests in HIV/AIDS, but didn't make a lot of changes in their knowledge and behavior to HIV/AIDS. More AIDS campaign should be run focusing on the knowledge and behavior to HIV/AIDS.

*Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/EPIDEMIOLOGY *Health Education *HIV Infections/EPIDEMIOLOGY *Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice


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