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HTLV I/II heterosexual transmission in couples with high risk of HIV infection in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Int Conf AIDS. 1996 Jul 7-12;11(1):171 (abstract no. Mo.C.1680). Unique

Objective: To study the heterosexual transmission of HTLV I/II in couples in which one of the partners was HIV (+) and IDU, in Buenos Aires Argentina. Methods: After an interview in wich we dicard any kind of other risk behavior, we select 87 couples. All serum samples were tested for HTLV antibodies by AP (Serodia, Fujirebio) and ELISA (HTLV, Organon, Teknika) as screening. Reactives samples were confirmed by IFA (in house). IFA rectives were tested by a modified Western blot (HTLV 2. 3 Blot D.B) in order to distinguish between both types of HTLV. Results: (table: see text) We detected 6 couples in which at least one of the partners were HTLV I (+), 6/87. We obtained no HTLV II reactive sample. In two cases we detected HTLV I sexual transmission, in one of them exclusively HTLV I. Conclusions: We can assure that the heterosexual transmission between partners in heterosexuals couples with high risk behaviour to HIV were remarkable, in despite of the relatively low number of couples studied.

*HTLV-I Infections/TRANSMISSION *HTLV-II Infections/TRANSMISSION *Sexually Transmitted Diseases


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