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Cell lines containing and expressing the human herpesvirus 6A ts gene are protected from both H-ras and BPV-1 transformation.


Oncogene. 1997 Feb 27;14(8):937-43. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Human herpesvirus 6A (HHV-6A) strain U1102 was previously shown to contain a 1473 bp transformation suppressor gene (ts) (Araujo et al., 1995). Ts inhibited transformation of NIH3T3 cells by H-ras and transcription of the H-ras and human immunodeficiency type 1 (HIV-1) promoters in transient transfection experiments. In the current study, stable NIH3T3 cell lines expressing ts protein were established by transfection with pRc-ts containing the ts gene under the control of the Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) long terminal repeat (LTR) and a neomycin selectable marker. Selected cell lines contained approximately one to two copies per cell of intact ts sequences, expressed ts protein and grew at approximately the same rate as parental NIH3T3 cells. These cell lines were protected from H-ras transformation while parental and NIH3T3 cells containing the ts gene cloned in the antisense orientation were not. Expression of the chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (CAT) gene under the control of the EJ-H-ras promoter was also suppressed in the ts cell lines but not when the CAT gene was under the control of the murine osteosarcoma virus LTR or human cytomegalovirus immediate early promoter. When NIH3T3 cell lines expressing ts protein were established by infection with the retrovirus, LNCts, the cells expressed ts protein and were protected from H-ras transformation. Furthermore, bovine papillomavirus type 1 (BPV-1) transformation was also suppressed in cells co-transfected with BPV-1 plus ts and in ts expressing cell lines transfected with BPV-1. The BPV-1 p89 and p2443 promoters were down-regulated in 3T3-ts lines. Because the human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV-16) p97 promoter has similarity to the BPV-1 p89 promoter, the ability of ts to suppress p97 was also tested. Like the H-ras and BPV-1 promoters, HPV-16 p97 was down-regulated in 3T3-ts lines. The data indicate the utility of ts against H-ras, BPV-1 and HPV-16 promoters and their respective oncogenes.

*Cell Transformation, Viral *Genes, Suppressor, Tumor *Herpesvirus 6, Human/GENETICS *Papillomavirus, Bovine/GENETICS *Proto-Oncogene Protein p21(ras)/GENETICS *Viral Proteins/GENETICS


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