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Sexual behaviour and prevalence of HIV antibodies in transsexuals.


J Obstet Gynaecol Res. 1997 Feb;23(1):33-6. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

OBJECTIVE: To present data on the social characteristics, sexual behaviour and prevalence of HIV antibodies in 277 transsexuals. MATERIAL AND METHODS: One hundred fifty-four male and 123 female transsexuals requesting surgical gender reassignment at the National University Hospital, Singapore were interviewed using a standard questionnaire. Blood samples were also taken at booking and prior to surgery and tested for HIV antibodies using a commercial enzyme immunoassay. RESULTS: The mean ages of the male and female transsexuals were 26.3 and 28.3 years respectively. The majority of the transsexuals were Singaporean Chinese and had at least a secondary school education. None of the female and 14 9%) of the male transsexuals were engaged in prostitution. Significantly more female (48%) than male (10.4%) transsexuals were sexually inactive. The sexual behaviour and practices of the transsexuals are also discussed. CONCLUSIONS: Significantly more male transsexuals compared to the female transsexuals, were sexually active, had earlier sexual contact, engaged more often in anal intercourse, and had 7 or more sexual partners. However, none of our transsexuals were positive for HIV antibodies.

*HIV Antibodies/BLOOD *HIV Infections/EPIDEMIOLOGY *Sex Behavior/PHYSIOLOGY *Transsexualism/PHYSIOPATHOLOGY


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