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Suppression of HIV replication in vitro by CD8+ T-cells from HIV-infected and HIV-seronegative individuals.


Int J STD AIDS. 1997 May;8(5):307-10. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

The inhibitory effect of CD8+ T-cells from HIV-infected or HIV-seronegative individuals on HIV replication in the naturally-infected CD4+ T-cells in vitro was examined. Not only autologous CD8+ T-cells from HIV-infected individuals but also allogeneic CD8+ T-cells from HIV-seronegative individuals prevented or delayed HIV replication, even in transwell cocultures using a semi-permeable 0.45 micron filter. The level of the inhibitory effect of allogeneic CD8+ T-cells from the HIV-seronegative individuals on the HIV replication was varied among CD4+ T-cells obtained from HIV-infected individuals used. The results suggested that CD8+ T-cells from HIV-seronegative individuals as well as HIV-infected individuals could produce some cytokine(s) which suppress HIV replication in vitro. The sensitivity to the cytokine(s) might be variable among HIV strains, depending on differences in the nucleotide sequence of different HIV-1 strains. Further studies of control of HIV replication by CD8+ anti-HIV cytokine(s) should provide new strategies for the therapy of HIV infection.

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