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Retrovirus-mediated gene transfer of ornithine-delta-aminotransferase into keratinocytes from gyrate atrophy patients.


Hum Gene Ther. 1997 Nov 20;8(17):2125-32. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Gyrate atrophy is a progressive blindness associated with deficiency of ornithine aminotransferase (OAT). The strategy of using an autologous keratinocyte graft, modified to express high levels of OAT as an ornithine-catabolizing skin-based enzyme sink, is investigated. Two OAT-containing retroviral vectors were constructed with or without a resistance gene. When packaged in a retroviral vector particle generated with the gibbon ape leukemia GALV) virus envelope (PG13), these vectors could readily transduce >50% of target keratinocytes. The transduced keratinocytes in culture expressed up to 75-fold more OAT than normal control keratinocytes and these gene-modified cells extracted [14C]ornithine more efficiently than controls. The vector prepared without neo transduced cells more efficiently and led to higher levels of OAT expression than the neo-containing vector. Ornithine catabolism was maintained at high levels when the transduced patient keratinocytes were differentiated in vitro as a multilayered cutaneous organoid.

*Gene Transfer *Genetic Vectors *Gyrate Atrophy/ENZYMOLOGY *Keratinocytes/METABOLISM *Leukemia Virus, Gibbon Ape/GENETICS *Ornithine-Oxo-Acid Transaminase/GENETICS


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