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Defining the need to reform the US AIDS Drug Assistance Program.


J Int Assoc Physicians AIDS Care. 1998 Jan;4(1):39-40. Unique Identifier

Many people with HIV in the United States find it a challenge to obtain life-sustaining and lifesaving drug therapies because of the gaping holes within the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Thirty-five States are facing funding problems that will restrict access to ADAP enrollment and drug availability, and many States very often have differing regulations and attitudes toward treatment. Besides additional Federal funding to the ADAP, there is a need for a national standard formulary. Such a national formulary would address antiretroviral and other drug accessibility for treating opportunistic diseases. States should also be required to provide a minimum contribution to match Federal ADAP funds. The HIV Treatment Improvement Act, introduced in 1997, is a potential legislative solution. The Act requires federally funded HIV treatment to conform to new HIV treatment guidelines, improve and expand Medicaid to include HIV treatments, and improve and expand the ADAP program. Details of the HIV Treatment Improvement Act are highlighted.

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Information in this article was accurate in July 30, 1998. The state of the art may have changed since the publication date. This material is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between you and your doctor. Always discuss treatment options with a doctor who specializes in treating HIV.