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"Anti-AIDS activity of the St. Petersburg Gay and Lesbian Association" "KRILIJA".


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1109 (abstract no. 60595). Unique Identifier :

The St. Petersburg Gay and Lesbian Association "Krilija" was founded in summer-1990 and after a difficult struggle with the courts was officially registered on the 9th of October 1991 for the first time in Russian history. Our main objective was to help homosexuals at the critical moments of their lives, including the problem of AIDS, At our monthly roundtable meetings (there have been about 70 of them up to now) we organize lectures on sexually transmitted deseases and safe sex practices, distribute condoms and visit infections disease hospitals with gifts to HIV positive gays being treated there. We are planning an early intervention project to organize a temporary social rehabilitation center for HIV positive residents in the city. The activity of "Krilija" association helps to HIV positive gays, who are deprived any other social support, to survive after being treated at the infectional hospitals of St. Petersburg.

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