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The polyvalent Al-NaDJMA (the star) center: a great advantage in social psycho-medico support in Chad.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1077-8 (abstract no. 60424). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: The objective of the center is to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS/STD on individual, family, and community offering social security benefits through an operational structure with a national vocation. PROJECT: We'd like to set up a social psycho-medico support, multi-sectoriel and multi-disciplinary core to run a polyvalent center in which and from which all the social security benefits related to the concept social psycho-medico support (SPMS). We have a project of training a medical staff and paramedical staff for clinic follow up and other sub-branches in other prefectures. To create an APMS team and to train the staff and the leader of activities of the NGO's in IEC. To train managers of NGO's. To train the persons intrested in the psycho-social follow up. To provide them with an SOS service. To promote generating income associations for AIDS-positive individuals. RESULTS: A SPMS core and a polyvalent center were created. Three (3) sub-branches of SPMS in other prefectures were created. Ten (10) services put at the disposal of the public and AIDS-positive individuals in the center (training, documentation, accompaniment, coffee-shop, cumpter literacy, games, film projection, etc...). LESSONS LEARNED: The creation of A1-NADJMA center is a successful strategy. In fact, a great number of young people were sensibilized and trained through the center. Moreover the whole medical staff and other interessed individual received appropriate training. AIDS positive individuals without possibility of stigmatization and reject got social security benefits they needed.

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