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Sexual activity and knowledge on AIDS: investigation among students from Police Academy in Rosario.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1017 (abstract no. 60096). Unique Identifier :

OBJECTIVE: Inquire sexual activity and knowledge on AIDS in students from our Police Academy. METHODS: Descriptive analysis of a voluntary, anonymous and self-administrated survey to 195 students from the Antonio Rodriguez Sotto Police Academy. RESULTS: From these total students that answered the questionnaire, 186 (95.4%), manifested there have had sexual intercourse; 153 were males (78.5%) and 42 women, (21.5%). From the 186, twenty seven didn't answer the age of their first sexual intercourse, but they didn't have inconveniences in answering with whom (boy/girlfriend 157 (82.6%); prostitutes 15 (7.9%); and unknowns partners, 12 (6.3%), and with somebody of their own family 6 (3.2%). Concerning the amount of sexual partners 62 (38.5%) they have had only one couple; 48 (29.8%); two or three partners; the rest, 51 (31.7%), answered that they have had more than 4 different partners. Ten students (5.6%) admitted to have had homosexuals relations and nine bisexual (5%) From the 186 interviewed, 114 (61.6%) admitted that the use of condoms are useful in order to avoid HIV infection. Seven (3.6%) admitted occasionally taking of drugs. CONCLUSIONS: The analysis of the obtained results allows us to infer that this group has a great risk of having contact with. We want to highlight that 38.4% of them not consider useful condoms to decrease HIV risk contact. These results are not able to be extrapolated to general community. It is of ultimate importance to increase the AIDS information in Police Academies.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*PREVENTION & CONTROL/ TRANSMISSION Adolescence Adult Argentina Condoms/UTILIZATION Female *Health Education Human *Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice Male Police/*EDUCATION *Sex Behavior


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