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Salmonella serotypes which show similar trends to AIDS epidemic.


Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE ICA12/98407110

OBJECTIVES: Salmonella serotype prevalence patterns in different geographic areas during AIDS epidemic were analysed to find out the common serotypes which show similar prevalence patterns to AIDS so that preventive measures can be taken against them. METHODS: Data regarding prevalence of salmonella serotypes in man from different geographical areas were analysed to separate different patterns. Standard patterns were selected where numbers were the most in a specific pattern. Correlation values were calculated between prevalences of standard pattern serotypes with other serotypes and the different serotypes were grouped where correlation values were statistically significant. Then specific salmonella serotype patterns were compared with trends of prevalence patterns of AIDS in different geographical areas. RESULTS: Salmonella serotypes which showed similar trends in almost all geographic areas with AIDS prevalence patterns are serotypes Enteritidis, Virchow, Abony, Hadar, Oranienberg, Typhimurium, Montevideo, Anatum, Infantis, Newport, Bredeney, Livingstone, Gold Coast, Derby, Weltevreden and Stanley. CONCLUSION: Salmonella serotypes which show similar patterns to AIDS epidemic are identified in different geographic locations so that screening of specific reservoir animals may be done for prevention of secondary infections caused by them in patients suffering from AIDS.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*EPIDEMIOLOGY/PREVENTION & CONTROL Animal AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections/*EPIDEMIOLOGY/PREVENTION & CONTROL Cross-Sectional Studies *Developing Countries Disease Reservoirs


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