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NGC 891 multidrug regime in HIV infection as an alternative therapy for health improvement and maintenance.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1009 (abstract no. 60044). Unique Identifier :

OBJECTIVE: To find out efficacy and cost effective, N.G.C. 891 as an alternative therapy for improvement and maintenance of health in AIDS patients in developing and underdeveloped countries. DESIGN: Pharmaco vigilance observational cohort study. METHOD: 52 patients of AIDS as per WHO classification recruited in this study. There were three allopathic drugs given to them in fixed combination. Effects and side effects informed fully and consent was taken before trial. Weekly monitoring kept for two years with clinical examination. RESULTS: 100% improvement in fever, cough and loss of appetite. 94% improvement in mental illness. 42% showed weight gain, 100% improvement in oral candidiasis, odynophasia, diarrhea, dermatitis with itching, lung infection and decrease in lymphnode size. Three patients complained of painful sensory symptoms. Two patients died after initial improvement with two months therapy, due to omission of therapy. One patient become H.I.V. negative after one year. All 45 patients of control group died with variable short durations [within 6 months]. CONCLUSION: N.G.C. 891 effective and low cost therapy in control of H.I.V. induced pathological effect on body with minimal and bearable side effects. Unique for under developed countries for implementation of national A.I.D.S. control programme for promotion and maintenance of health of population.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*DRUG THERAPY/ECONOMICS *Alternative Medicine Anti-HIV Agents/ECONOMICS/*THERAPEUTIC USE Cohort Studies Cost-Benefit Analysis *Developing Countries Drug Therapy, Combination Follow-Up Studies Human HIV Infections/*DRUG THERAPY/ECONOMICS India Medicine, Traditional Treatment Outcome


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