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Increasing incidence of genital ulcer disease in Durban, South Africa.


Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE ICA12/98407081

OBJECTIVE: To report on trends in the numbers of new cases of genital ulcer disease (GUD) amongst attenders at an STD clinic in Durban following the recognition of HIV infection in this population. METHODS: Review of the Annual Reports of the Medical Officer of Health for Durban from 1988-1996 in which the numbers of STD cases and diagnoses are recorded for patients attending the main STD clinic in Durban. RESULTS: GUD cases have increased steadily since 1988, the year when HIV was first reported at the clinic. The following numbers of cases of GUD were reported annually amongst new patients--5431 in 1988, 9563 in 1989, 12,089 in 1990, 14,039 in 1991, 15,349 in 1992, 17,175 in 1993, 16,771 in 1994, 16,707 in 1995 and 19,314 in 1996. The numbers of actual new attenders at the clinic (recorded from 1990 on) only increased from 35,846 in 1990 to 41,432 in 1996. Although GUD cases are managed syndromically, the most likely clinical diagnosis is also recorded. The numbers of cases of genital


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