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A study on Chinese herbal formula XQ-9302 treatment for AIDS patients.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1004 (abstract no. 60010). Unique Identifier :

OBJECTIVES: To describe the preliminary results of the Chinese herbal XQ-9302 effect against HIV-1. DESIGN: Both in vitro and in clinic. METHODS: XQ-9302 is a highly-purified, precise mixture of 20 Chinese herbs in powered form. The investigation included i) Anti-HIV-1 in vitro on MT4 cells. ii) Analysis of 27 types of metal elements. iii) Safety and immune response of the XQ-9302 among HIV infections. iv) Pilot clinic trial: 6 adult patients with confirmed HIV infection and active wasting syndrome, OIs and an obvious drop of CD4 were observed. They took the herbs for 9-12 months. HIV Load as well as HIV culture, P24 antigen, HIV antibody, CD4 counts, etc, were periodically tested. RESULTS: A total of 10 batches of the herbs tested in vitro showed 50% of the protection to MT4 cells from the attack of 100 TCID50 HIV-1 at the concentration of 0.147-0.216 mg/ml. No metals excedded the limit. 40 people had no side-effects after long-term use and CD4 counts increased in an average 200-400. The HIV load among the patients was decreased more than 1 log. The Chinese Herbal Formula XQ-9302 could not only slow development of the disease and improve body immunity but also interrupt the virus replication either in vitro and in clinic. In addition, the herbs are safe and the level of the metal elements meets with concentration limits.

MEETING ABSTRACTS CLINICAL TRIAL Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*DRUG THERAPY Adult Anti-HIV Agents/*THERAPEUTIC USE China CD4 Lymphocyte Count/DRUG EFFECTS Drugs, Chinese Herbal/*THERAPEUTIC USE Human HIV Wasting Syndrome/DRUG THERAPY HIV-1/*DRUG EFFECTS Pilot Projects Viral Load


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