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Provision of training and education to the religious tribal ARs decision maker on the gross root level.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1003 (abstract no. 60005). Unique Identifier :

OBJECTIVE: To create a network of the strong Community leader, & to aware the illetrate staunch Muslim Refugees with in the frame work of Religious, Cultural and Tribal traditional. METHODS: Initially twenty officer of Social Welfare Deptt: and Seventy three Male/Female Afghan Animators were trained. They approached Social Welfare Committees and targeted Religious leader Tribal Chief, War Lord of Afghan Jehad, School Teachers etc. Training were arranged on the field level for them purely on self help basis. Also arranged Seminars for other NGOS personal working for the Refugees in Food, relief, I.G.P Health and Sanitation. Network of the Train people were established and regular Feed back was provided to them for further motivation and encouragement. PROBLEMS: Donor Agencies are hesitant of the religious constraint and cultural barriers. The local blame Refugees for Kalashinkov Culture, and Herion epidemic, lack of Blood screening facilities accelerated the problem. All these step have purely been taken self help basis. If assisted by any donor will give further fruitful result. RESULTS: People found the Awareness Compaign close to the Islamic Teaching. They openly criticizing inhuman behaviour of Humen being against the nature. Asking for refresher Courses & quick information specially. Telephone helpline services & councelling to the positive people.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Adult Consumer Participation *Developing Countries Female *Health Education Human HIV Infections/*PREVENTION & CONTROL/TRANSMISSION Islam Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice Male *Medicine, Traditional Pakistan Refugees/EDUCATION *Religion and Medicine Voluntary Workers


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