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Child-friendly systems/structure for monitoring and evaluating programs and services.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:999 (abstract no. 44318). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: Measures for ensuring desired results in HIV/AIDS Prevention. Care and Support Work must be adaptable to the partners called Children and Youth. PROJECT: With children and youth now actively performing roles as Key Actors in the play called HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support Work, assisting them set-up benchmarks of accomplishments and providing directions to sustain interests was a challenge encountered with projects involving this population. Together with an organization that works with Children and their Rights, a project to develop, test and advocate for systems that will ensure the continuing participation of the young people was embarked in the latter part of 1997. This included frequent encounters with youth alternative education facilitators and advocates to examine goals and objectives they have set; review of and familiarization with existing structures and systems being used by HIV/AIDS and child serving organizations for monitoring and evaluating programs and services; testing of systems and structures based on the "child-friendly" criteria they have set; writeshop of enhanced systems and structures; final testing in their field of work; sharing with other children and youth of other organizations for validation: and, adaptation. RESULTS: Workable systems and structures which children and youth HIV/AIDS workers can manage and handle were developed and presently being used. LESSONS: Participation is not enough gauge of power. Being able to appropriately reflect on their efforts based on their development goals, through systems and structures that are child-friendly, ensures the control children and youth have over their health and welfare.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Adolescence Child Child Welfare *Consumer Participation Female Goals *Health Education Human HIV Infections/*PREVENTION & CONTROL/REHABILITATION/TRANSMISSION Male Program Evaluation *Social Support


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