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The development of effective media campaigns to encourage compliance with anti-HIV treatments.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:600-1 (abstract no. 32394). Unique Identifier :

AIM: To establish the extent to which mass media campaigns aimed at encouraging compliance with anti HIV treatments met their objectives. METHOD: Semi structured interviews with people with HIV eligible for, or in receipt of anti HIV treatments to establish recognition of the campaigns, understanding of the aims of the campaign, and impact on personal decision making. FINDINGS: The evaluation showed high, but differing levels of recognition between the two campaigns--with the first achieving 100% recognition amongst interviewees. Both were successful in reaching their target audiences with 50% of people recalling the messages from one of the campaigns without prompting, and 100% of all people understanding them on reminder. CONCLUSION: (1) Mass media and printed resources can positively compliance issues. (2) Differences in the findings from both evaluations help suggest how the impact of such media campaigns can be maximised.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Anti-HIV Agents/*THERAPEUTIC USE Cognition Comparative Study Decision Making Human HIV Infections/*DRUG THERAPY *Mass Media Patient Compliance/*PSYCHOLOGY Patient Education/*METHODS Program Evaluation Recall Teaching Materials


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