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Women with HIV/AIDS-political/economic impact.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:439 (abstract no. 23487). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: Empowerment of women with HIV/AIDS. PROJECT: Given the problems encountered by women with HIV/AIDS, some form of programmes have been introduced. Educational & income generating projects have been started. These enable women to deal with all the dilemmas they come across as being positive such as stigmatisation from either the family or the community, stress caused by poverty due to financial constraints, nursing sick HIV partners and children and also how to fit in a community despite the political and economic hardships. A lot of advocacy is needed to lobby the Government so that the political side will also put women with HIV/AIDS into consideration. RESULTS: Since these programmes were introduced about 90% of the women who tested positive as from 1986, at least 60% of them have already formed groups. They have embarked on projects like sewing, poultry, catering, etc. Looking at the progress of these groups about 40% of them are making profits. The impacts of these programmes on the entire community has showed that women with HIV/AIDS can also achieve the best, is also starting to be accepted. LESSON LEARNED: More programmes are still needed especially those on Advocacy to raise the status of women in society. Women are now making money from these projects resulting in financial independence to enable them to lead healthier lives.

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