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HIV-1 plasma viral load and CD4 counts in surviving and non-surviving HIV-infected tuberculosis patients, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.


Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:152 (abstract no. 13329). Unique Identifier :

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether HIV-1 viral load and CD4 count measured at onset of tuberculosis (TB) therapy are associated with survival among HIV infected TB patients in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. METHODS: As part of an ongoing cotrimoxazole prophylaxis trial in HIV-infected patients with pulmonary TB, plasma specimens obtained at the onset of TB therapy were selected from 64 patients known to have died and 78 surviving patients who were followed-up at least as long as the non-survivors. Lymphocyte subtyping was performed by standard flow cytometry and HIV-1 RNA plasma viral load was quantified by the modified HIV-1 Amplicor Monitor assay (Roche Diagnostics). Differences in mean CD4 count and mean log10 HIV-1 RNA viral load were compared by Student's t-test and the strength of association was assessed by the odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI). RESULTS: The mean age of patients (35 years) and the proportion of males (61% vs 63%) was similar among survivors and non-survivors. The mean follow-up interval for non-survivors was 7 months (range 1-20) and for survivors was 8 months (1-21). In the combined groups, lower CD4 count and higher HIV viral load were correlated (correlation coefficient = -0.34, p < 0.001). Mean CD4 count and mean log10 HIV-1 viral load at enrollment were 161 cells/microliter (range 3-903) and 4.80 log10 copies/ml (2.60-6.50) for non-survivors and 391 cells/microliter (51-979) and 4.51 log10 copies/ml (2.35-6.10) for survivors (p < 0.05). When stratified by CD4 count, the mean log10 HIV-1 viral load in survivors vs non-survivors were no longer significantly different: 4.93 vs 4.89 for CD4 < 200 (p = 0.8); 4.55 vs 4.66 for CD4 200-500 (p = 0.7); and 4.11 vs 4.06 for CD4 > 500 (p = 0.9). In a multivariate analysis, non-survivors were significantly more likely than survivors to have a CD4 count < 200 (OR 7.5, CI 3.4-16.7) but not more likely to have a plasma HIV viral load > 4.0 log10 (10,000) copies/ml (OR 1.3, CI 0.5-3.6). CONCLUSION: In this population of HIV-infected TB patients, non-survivors had a higher viral load and lower CD4 count than survivors; however of the two parameters, only advanced immunosuppression (CD4 count < 200 cells/microliter) was significantly associated with death.

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